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 Supporters of Nayiri
Nayiri.com is grateful for the contributions of the following individuals:

Philippe Pilibossian, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Director(Manager) of collections, Editions Ellipses, Paris

President of the Collège Dictionnaires Machtotz France (CDMF)

For his support and translation of this site to French, and for providing the improved and expanded French-Armenian and Armenian-French dictionaries on this site.

Jean-Pierre Hatchikian

For his translation of technical texts on this site to French.

Antoinette Unanyan
Software Engineer

For her translation of this site to German and Turkish.

Yenovk Lazian

For his suggestions to the Armenian text on this site.

Ilya Lebedev

For his VirtualKeyboard program which is the basis for the automatic Armenian keyboard user interface on this site.

Seeroon Yeretzian
Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Roslin Art Gallery

Among the greatest Armenian artists of our time, Seeroon Yeretzian has brought fresh life into the world of art today through her monumental paintings that are inspired by medieval Armenian illuminated manuscripts. The new book Seeroon Yeretzian (Abril Publishing 2011) catalogues a lifetime of her amazing work. We thank Seeroon for contributing a part of her "Mesrobian Alphabet" painting to creating Nayiri.com's new logo.